The Wind in the Willows (digital only)


The Wind in the Willows (digital download)
released June 28, 2021



Kenneth Grahame’s classic story retold in song and music!

  1. Mole Awakes
  2. The River
  3. The Water-Rat and the Boat
  4. Mole Lends a Hand
  5. To Toad Hall
  6. The Open Road
  7. The Motor-Car
  8. Mole Makes a Decision
  9. The Wild Wood
  10. Ratty to the Rescue
  11. Mr Badger’s House
  12. Badger Takes A Decision
  13. Toad’s Reckoning
  14. Toad Hoodwinks Ratty
  15. Toad Steals a Motor-Car
  16. The Trial of Toad
  17. Dulce Domum
  18. Mole Comes Home
  19. Joy in the Morning
  20. After the Carol
  21. Toad’s Escape
  22. The Train
  23. The Narrowboat
  24. The Gipsy
  25. Another Motor-Car
  26. Rescued by Ratty
  27. The Fall of Toad Hall
  28. Through the Tunnel
  29. The Battle of Toad Hall
  30. Epilogue

Chris Green: voice, guitar, accordion, bass guitar
Sophie Matthews: voice, flute, shawm, recorder, English border bagpipes

Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Garret, Coventry Jan-April 2021

Linocuts by Joanna Briars.

Photos by James Harris Photography

Artwork by Frank Doran

All tracks arranged by Chris Green ©2021 Blast Records


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