Songs of the Sea (digital only)


GreenMatthews (digital download)
released July 31, 2023



In 2022, English Heritage asked us to put together some music for their new Pirates! event. We had such fun researching and performing the songs that we decided to make an album. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it!
  1. All For Me Grog
  2. Ward the Pirate
  3. Hornpipes: Just As The Tide Was Flowing/The Shark on the Toaster
  4. Lily of Barbary
  5. One for the Morning Glory
  6. The Mermaid
  7. Captain Kidd
  8. Adieu, Sweet Lovely Nancy
  9. South Australia

Chris Green: voice, mandocello, guitar, harpsichord, piano accordion, bass guitar, Appalachian dulcimer, piano, baroque guitar, mandolin

Sophie Matthews: voice, English border bagpipes, shawms, recorders, baroque oboe

Recorded, mixed and mastered at the Garret, Coventry January-July 2023 by Chris Green


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