A Brief History Of Music (digital only)


GreenMatthews (CD and digital)
released September 1st 2013



  1. Sumer Is Icumen In/Salterello (trad)
  2. Orpheus (William Shakespeare)
  3. Two Branles (Claude Gervaise)
  4. Martin Said To His Man (trad)
  5. Bedlam Boys (trad)
  6. My Thing Is My Own (Thomas D’Urfey)
  7. Pepys on the Bagpipes (Samuel Pepys)
  8. Mount Hills/The Shepherd and Shepherdess (trad)
  9. Sovay (trad)
  10. Tom Tough (Charles Dibdin)
  11. Billy Don’t You Weep For Me (trad/Nic Jones)
  12. Blighters (Siegfried Sassoon)
  13. Keep The Home Fires Burning (Lena Forde/Ivor Novello)
  14. Goodbye-ee (Weston/Lee)

Recorded 2013 at The Garret, Coventry.
Engineered and produced by Chris Green.

Mastered by Jeremy Carroll at Precision Mastering.
Album design by Frank Doran.

©Blast Records 2013.

Sophie Matthews: voice, recorders, English border bagpipes, shawms

Chris Green: voice, guitar, mandocello, Renaissance cittern, piano accordion, piano, bass, drums


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