Switched-On Playford II (digital only)


Chris Green (digital)
released 13th October 2023



  1. Lilliburlero
  2. Enfield Common
  3. Once I Loved a Maiden Fair
  4. King’s Maggot
  5. Mrs Savage’s Whim
  6. Childegroove
  7. Fête de Village
  8. Bobbing Joe
  9. If You Will Not Have Me, You May Let Me Go
  10. Jacky Tar
  11. I Am Mud and Flame

all tracks arranged, performed and recorded by chris green

violins on 4 and 7 played by matthew coatsworth and richard heacock

recorded and mixed at the garret, coventry 2018 – 2023

mastered by Jeremy Paul Carroll at Precision Mastering UK, Kyrenia.

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