Switched-On Playford (digital only)


Chris Green (CD and digital)
released September 23, 2018



  1. The Picking of Sticks
  2. Blackheath
  3. Jamaica
  4. Goddesses (The Sleep of Reason)
  5. The Hare’s Maggot
  6. Childegrove
  7. Newcastle
  8. Barham Down
  9. The Emperor of the Moon
  10. Nonesuch

“Playful, fun and exciting”
Bill Barclay, Director of Music at Shakespeare’s Globe

Inspired by Wendy Carlos’ seminal 1968 recording Switched-On Bach, Switched-On Playford reimagines and revoices 17th-century English country dance music for the 21st century.

Playford’s English Dancing Master was published in several editions between 1651 and 1728 and influenced countless musicians and composers. Chris Green takes 10 of the tunes from Playford’s original publications and uses a blend of electronic, modern and early instruments to create music that is vibrant and new but also deeply rooted in and respectful of its source.


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