Nosferatu (digital only)


Chris Green (CD and digital)
released April 15, 2021



Chris Green’s new score for the classic 1922 horror film. Originally commissioned by English Heritage for a live outdoor screening at Whitby Abbey, the score was written, recorded and mixed during the first UK lockdown of spring/summer 2020 and mastered during the third lockdown of early 2021.

All tracks composed, performed and produced by Chris.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Garret, Coventry
  1. Overture and Main Titles
  2. Flowers
  3. Knock’s Theme
  4. Leave-Taking
  5. The Inn
  6. The Werewolf
  7. A Book At Bedtime
  8. The Coachman
  9. Castle Orlok
  10. A Cut Finger
  11. A Letter Home
  12. Nosferatu Revealed
  13. Hutter Wakes
  14. Coffins & Rats
  15. Ellen On The Shore
  16. The Storm
  17. Arrival in Wisborg
  18. The Ship is Discovered
  19. Plague
  20. Ellen Decides
  21. Orlok Comes For Ellen
  22. Epilogue

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