A Christmas Carol: A Folk Opera (digital only)


GreenMatthews (digital)
released November 13, 2017



A brand-new retelling of the best-loved Yuletide adventure of them all – “A Christmas Carol”

Using new lyrics and traditional English folk tunes, GreenMatthews (with special guest Jude Rees) use a bewitching blend of voices and instruments to create a musical reimagining of this seasonal favourite.

The album is an hour-long “folk opera” of Dickens’ iconic novella and is presented entirely in narrative song, using brand-new lyrics set to traditional English folk and carol melodies.

The album is the latest in a long line of similar folk operas such as Peter Bellamy’s The Transports, Fairport Convention’s Babbacombe Lee and of course Ewan McColl’s classic Radio Ballads. Lyricist Chris Green says “A Christmas Carol is one of those rare works of literature that has been completely assimilated into the popular consciousness. It’s a tale that has been retold and reinvented by each new generation for the last 170 years, much like a classic folk song – so it seemed a natural progression to retell it using traditional melodies with new words.”

  1. Introducing Scrooge
  2. The Coming of Marley
  3. Marley’s Song
  4. After Marley
  5. The Ghost of Christmas Past
  6. Into Scrooge’s Past
  7. Scrooge’s Boyhood
  8. Fezziwig’s Ball
  9. After the Ball
  10. Scrooge’s Sweetheart
  11. Scrooge Banishes the First Spirit
  12. The Ghost of Christmas Present
  13. London at Christmas
  14. The Cratchits’ Christmas Dinner
  15. The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come
  16. A Funeral
  17. Christmas Morning
  18. Scrooge’s Change of Heart
  19. The Following Morning
  20. In Conclusion

Sophie Matthews – voice, flute, English border bagpipes

Chris Green – voice, guitar, mandocello, piano, accordion, bass, drums

with special guest Jude Rees – voice, oboe, melodeon

Lyrics by Chris Green. Music trad. arr. Chris Green.

Recorded and mixed at The Garret, Coventry.

Mastered by Jeremy Carroll at Woodworm Records, Oxfordshire

Photography by Lucas Pitcher at Timelight Photography

Album design by Frank Doran

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