Roots & Branches (digital only)


GreenMatthews (digital)
released September 11, 2019



  1. The Escape of Old John Webb (trad. arr. Green)
  2. The Bone Lace Weaver (Wheatcroft/Green)
  3. High Germany (trad. arr. Green)
  4. Daddy Fox (trad. arr. Green)
  5. Childegrove and Indian (trad. arr. Green)
  6. The Blue Cockade (trad. arr. Green)
  7. Song of the Lower Classes (Jones/Green)
  8. Worms and Palfreys (Green)
  9. Linden Lea (Barnes/Vaughan-Williams)
  10. The Miller of Dee/Begone Dull Care (trad. arr. Green)

CHRIS GREEN: voice, guitar, mandolin, mandocello, cittern, piano accordion, piano, bass guitar, stomp

SOPHIE MATTHEWS: voice, English border bagpipes, flute, recorders, baroque musette

Recorded and mixed at The Garret, Coventry June/July 2019

Mastered by Steve Kitch at Audiomaster.

Photos by James Harris Photography

Artwork by Frank Doran

All tracks arranged by Chris Green ©2019 Blast Records

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