The Men Who Marched Away (digital only)


GreenMatthews (digital download)
released September 15, 2014



  1. The Men Who Marched Away (Green)
  2. Fall In (Begbie/Green)
  3. I’ll Make A Man Of You
  4. Half-Past Eleven Square (Fox-Smith/Green)
  5. Private Green (Green)
  6. The Lads in Their Hundreds (Housman/Butterworth)
  7. The Battle of the Somme (Lawrie)
  8. Home, Lad, Home (Fox-Smith/Morgan)
  9. The Old Battalion (trad. arr. Green)
  10. The Writing of “Tipperary” (Caddick)
  11. Lamplight (Wedderburn-Cannan/Green)

Sophie Matthews – voice, flute, English border bagpipes, soprano saxophone

Chris Green – voice, guitar, mandocello, piano accordion, piano, bass, drums

with special guests

Richard Heacock (Fat Cat Strings) – violin, viola, cello

Paul James – soprano sax on “Home Lad Home”


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